Hi there.

Thanks for stopping by. is my blog.
In it, I write about various technology-related things that interest me –
and someone else, if I’m lucky.

As a lifelong professional Computer Guy, I’m always coming across nifty little nuggets of info about how to do things, things to watch out for, etc., so I created this blog to give me somewhere to put them (and to occasionally vent about technology).
I hope you like it.

I also just generally like playing around with technology, so this site gives me a place to have fun trying out CSS animations and other unusual web stuff that people usually don’t pay me to tinker with in my professional life.  So, if it looks like I went a little nuts with the animations and such, that’s why. It’s my blog, so I’m having fun with it! ;)

I hold various certifications and have had a wide-ranging career at all levels of IT, but I won’t bore you with all that. If I’ve done my job, you’ll find my posts valuable because of their content, not their backstory.

If you just can’t get enough of my awesome blogginess, then you may want to swing by Raving Roo or The Left Call too, since I posted there occasionally before finally getting around to starting my own blog. I also have written about AWS for Anexinet’s blog.

Oh, and don’t ask me to explain the name of this site – it’s so deep that it’s not deep at all. ;)

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Visual Approximation

-Steve Schuler

Legal Disclaimer: Don’t blame me if you screw something up by following advice found anywhere on this site. Though this stuff works for me, we’re all special snowflakes and every environment is slightly different. YMMV.