Firefox Bookmarking Isn’t as Bad as You Think

Mozilla’s Firefox may simultaneously have the world’s easiest and most cumbersome bookmarking system. On the one hand, it’s much slower and less intuitive than other browsers in the way that you have to click the “star” icon to bookmark something, and then go out of your way to put it where you want and rename it, by either clicking it a second time, or finding/moving the bookmark in the Unsorted folder. On the other hand, they have a less well-known drag & drop system that Just Works (a very high compliment indeed).  

I’ve always found Firefox’s bookmarking process so annoying that it’s kept me from using it more. Now that Google Chrome has changed their bookmarking system to be less intuitive and more annoying in its own right, I’ve been spending more time with Firefox again.  In the process of poking around, I just discovered one aspect of Firefox’s bookmark system that makes it so easy I didn’t even think to try doing this until the other day.  Did you know that if you want the page that you’re currently on to be bookmarked in your Bookmark Bar at the top of the browser, all you have to do is drag the tab down to the Bookmark Bar?!?  That’s it!  Just click & drag the tab to the bar and you’re done!  Wow, now if only they could make the rest of their bookmarking system that intuitive!

Check out this page containing a 40 second video containing a demo of this trick, along with a few other Firefox bookmarking basics.

If Firefox keeps getting better, and Chrome keeps getting worse (e.g., the bookmarking change I mentioned above, plus CSS3 animations stopped working for nearly a month recently, among other things), I think I may make this a permanent switch to Mozilla, FTW!